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You may not understand or know exactly what you need, but we are here to help you find out.

  • Product Management

    We use agile methodologies that are built upon our foundational values of trust and collaboration. Our processes enable our team members to perform their best work, both individually and as a team, together with you. We focus on building interactions before apps. We exist to change the client-dev relationship.‍

    This intentional partnership and our constant collaboration allows us to deliver forward-driven results iteratively, regularly, and methodically. Your success is inevitably measured by your customers’ success, with the results we reach together. We'll be working with a small, dedicated team built to fit the needs of your project. We use tools like Trello, Slack and GitHub to communicate frequently and efficiently.

    • Agile methodology
    • Scrum + Kanban
    • Client-dev relationship
  • Product Strategy

    Combining design thinking and lean startup principles with years of cross-disciplinary experience, Strategists help define the vision, trajectory, & high-level priorities of a team & project. They’ll work closely with your internal stakeholders, customers, & the product team to map, analyze, refine, and communicate. Throughout the lifecycle of your project, they’re your sounding board to evaluate ideas and navigate ambiguity inherent in complex situations.

    One of the most difficult challenges of any project is getting—and keeping—everyone on the same page. Strategists help reinforce alignment of the team’s expectations with always-shifting priorities, constraints, & opportunities of a project. With each new discovery, they'll help evaluate options and provide suggestions on ways to move forward.

    • Help define vision & mission
    • Plan trajectory
    • Work and establish trust with stakeholders
  • Product design

    Shaping concepts from the whiteboard through development, product designers weigh the business goals, user experience, and visual look to craft an intuitive and effective product experience. They work closely with Strategists to make sure the designs are in alignment with the goals of the project. The objective is to build a great user experience, centered on the human being.

    Product design is extremely complex, ever-changing and developing with the advancement of technology. Through research, content, and layout, product designers ensure a product looks attractive and receives positive experience from users from the very first interactions.

    • Research
    • UX / UI
    • Web & mobile design
  • App development

    We design and build incredible working applications from the ground up for web and mobile. Software development is a young profession, and we are still learning the techniques and building the tools to do it effectively. It greatly depends on good interactions and translation.

    We will use a combination of open source software, 3rd-party solutions and proprietary tools to deliver effective, sustainable and performant results that drive value and make you stand out. Integrating new requirements while maintaining existing functionality isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. We choose to write modularized, tested, documented, and statically-typed code that’s reusable and adaptable to meet new product requirements as the project continues to evolve.

    • Frontend development
    • Backend development
    • Mobile development