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About us

We focus on creating interactions before apps. We exist to change the client-dev relationship.

A cross-discipline and passionate team of product experts committed to build working software efficiently and iteratively. Software engineers Kenley, Beaudry and Fleuriné have peer-to-peer conversations with top-class engineers about software. Both Kenley and Emmanuel are tech leads for Facebook Developer Circle of Port-au-Prince, an initiative created and supported by Facebook. This isn’t another beginner-focused software development agency, but rather a digital product agency for the industry insiders by industry insiders.

We build data-driven, reliable, minimal software. We are a group of developers, AI, Blockchain practitioners pioneering the next generation of digital products.

Our House Team.

  • Kenley Jean

    Partner / Project Lead

    Kenley Jean
  • Jean Sauvenel Beaudry

    Software Engineer

    Jean Sauvenel Beaudry
  • Emmanuel Fleuriné

    Software Engineer

    Emmanuel Fleuriné
  • Fabrice Ledan

    UI/UX Designer

    Fabrice Ledan